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This is a guest post form Dr. Anita Bennett MD with eDoc America.

I'm sure that you've all heard about the coronavirus infection that's rapidly spreading in China. There is still quite a bit that we don't know about the infection, but I thought it might be helpful to talk about the things that we do know about it. 


Ready for 2020? A lot has changed over the last decade, but the need for more control of healthcare is still strong – and freshbenies has your back!

Check out some of our top tips this year for controlling your healthcare dime, time and peace of mind. Here we go….


This is a guest post form Dr. Anita Bennett MD with eDoc America

Last week we talked about the different causes of food poisoning, and the symptoms they cause. This week I wanted to talk about how to keep yourself safe and prevent food poisoning. You have probably heard the basic rule which says to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. I want you to know more than just the basic rule, so that you can stay well throughout the picnic season and beyond.


This is a guest post form Dr. Anita Bennett MD with eDoc America

This is the time of year when we like to picnic and cook and eat outside. I thought we should talk about germs and illnesses that might come from food, especially if food is not cooked or stored correctly.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with benefits and how they work? Most of us have faced a crazy price when engaging healthcare for ourselves or a loved one – and that sense of wondering whether or not it’s the right price. 

A couple of years ago I was prescribed a new medication. At that time, it was covered on my insurance and cost me about $15 per month. The following year, we chose a different insurance plan. When I went to pick up my prescription in January, I was told it was 100% covered. Yep, cost me $0 – score!


This is a guest post form Dr. Anita Bennett MD with eDoc America.

According to a recent study, there is a simple test to predict your risk of premature death, including death from heart disease, cancer, and other causes as well. See if you can climb four flights of stairs in under a minute, without having to stop. 


Have you sent a child off to college? It’s an emotional and exciting time to watch as they pursue passions, manage hard work – and they’re off on their own for the first time. This can also create healthcare challenges!

Today, I’m sharing how non-traditional access to expert doctors helped our family handle one of those situations.


This is a guest post form Dr. Anita Bennett MD with eDoc America

Getting too little sleep, called sleep deficiency, can lead to some serious physical and mental health problems, and can also put you at higher risk for injuries, and even a higher risk of death.  Sleep, just like breathing, eating, and drinking, is a basic human need.  Sleep plays a very important role in your health and well-being for your entire life.


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Rebecca from SD
Rebecca from SD

We flew to Seattle before our cruise. I got sick before we left home and was given antibiotics. However, I could tell the infection wasn’t under control when we got there. 





I called freshbenies Telehealth. A doctor called me back within a few minutes and prescribed an alternative medication, along with a pain reliever, and called them in to a pharmacy nearby. Without that, my entire trip would have been ruined!