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Dec 04,2018

No, the title of my article is not a typo or a weird loophole. This is a story about real savings, based on having an educated conversation with my doctor. 

Mar 21,2018

This is a guest post by Dr. Val Jones who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.

Poor sleep may contribute to increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and depression, yet physicians often forget to ask their patients about their sleep habits until it becomes a crisis. Sleep specialists recommend that insomnia be treated at the same time as other medical conditions. It is common for clinicians to hope that if the other conditions are treated first, good sleep will follow. But that is rarely the case. 

Mar 08,2018

Do you feel yourself getting upset about the increasing cost of healthcare? Are you looking for ways to save on your out-of-pocket costs? Have you tried a Health Savings Account (HSA)? 

Dec 21,2016

Last week, our team shared 5 tips for saving cash on healthcare. If you missed out, read it here.

Dec 14,2016

As consumer-driven Americans, I think we know HOW to be smart consumers, but we don’t apply our normal buying rules to healthcare. And why should we, when there are so many reasons not to?  First, it’s a complicated system that most don’t fully understand. Then there’s the fact that pricing isn’t transparent. Finally, the end user (that’s you and me) isn’t paying for the service - instead “insurance is paying for it,” so why do I need to worry about the costs?

Jul 13,2016

With healthcare these days, all the arrows are going in the wrong direction. Deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and medical prices are all going up, while coverage is going down. And there’s no end in sight. As a result, Americans are becoming better healthcare consumers and finding ways to save. One way is a Health Savings program – sometimes referred to as a Health Discount card or program. Most people don’t want “discounted” healthcare, so “savings program” is much more palatable.

May 25,2016

I just watched a very interesting news story called BuyER Beware on a local TV station.

I’ve learned a bit about insurance networks and medical bills in my few short years in the health insurance industry and I discovered more as a result of this story.

Below is a quick recap that might help you, too…


1) It’s important to know your provider network!

Mar 30,2016

Top 10 Reasons to Fund Your 2015 HSA! 

Do you feel yourself getting upset about the increasing cost of healthcare? Are you looking for ways to save?  Have you tried a Health Savings Account (HSA)? 

If not, it’s time to get with it! According to a report from Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI), at the end of 2014, consumers kept $24.2 billion across 13.4 million HSAs. Nearly 4 in 5 of those accounts were opened after 2010. 


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