freshbenies takes the headache out of...


reduced commissions

shrinking networks

out-of-pocket costs

service questions

increasing medical costs

rising employee contributions

the doctor shortage

empowering consumerism

access to specialists

shrinking benefit plans

increased competition

How does freshbenies help?

  • 9 First-Rate Vendors
  • One Invoice
  • One Card
  • One App
  • One Results-Driven Engagement Program

These 4 services provide access to care & support that saves hard cash (for employers & their employees).


Give your employees 24/7 access to family doctors by phone or video, at no additional charge. We partner with the nation’s first and largest telehealth company.

Doctors Online

Employees get fast answers at no cost from specialists via email or app: physicians, psychologists, dentists, dietitians, fitness trainers, and more.


Healthcare is frustrating. Medical pricing and bills are confusing. Employees need someone to help. We partner with the largest U.S. independent advocacy company.

Prescription Savings

Fewer medications are covered & Rx costs are skyrocketing. Give employees a high-quality independent network with 10 to 85% off to save out-of-pocket costs.

Choose any of these add-ons. Each is available as employer-paid, buy-up* or voluntary — and we deliver them all in one membership, on one invoice!


Your employees only have one identity. Protect them with the best. Reduce their risk and your liability. Individual: employees can add family members later ($9.99 per). Family: best value for 3+. Mix and match as needed.

Legal Savings

Legal concerns reduce productivity and increase stress which drive up healthcare costs. Give your employees access to free and discounted legal care from the country’s largest network in all 50 states.

Pet Care Savings

60% of your employees have a pet and spend an average $2,000/year. Give your employees access to discounts on vet services, boarding, training, pet-sitting, grooming, pet food, medications, vitamins and more.

Dental + Vision Savings

High-quality networks help employees save on dental and vision out-of-pocket costs (whether they have insurance or not) at thousands of providers nationwide.

Are you looking for a fresh strategy for your clients?

You’ve come to the right place!

Every broker understands the value of offering the right products. A few brokers understand the value of aligning themselves with their client’s strategy. The most sophisticated brokers are using freshbenies as a partner to bring a profound impact to the very core of their client’s businesses. They understand how, with a partner like freshbenies, to impact their clients strategically, financially, operationally, and emotionally. In a time of unprecedented disruption in the market, it is this type of value proposition that will ensure the brokers continued relevance.

Kevin Trokey, Partner & Coach - Q4intelligence

This has been a relationship that I would consider close to perfect from my perspective as a broker. freshbenies continues to exceed my expectations & they have proven themselves to be one of the most beneficial & trusted partners a girl could ask for… especially during the rocky times created by ACA. In short, they're pretty awesome.

Tanya Boyd, President of Tanya Boyd & Associates

Bottom line is while I like the freshbenies bundle, the freshbenies team is the real difference maker to me. I can get similar bundles, but no one beats their service and execution. Plus, I think their spokes-character, Bonnie, is hot :-)

Craig Scurato , Simplifi Benefits, LLC

freshbenies allows me to be that trusted advisor to my clients by providing alternative methods for controlling health care costs. The benefits from freshbenies do not stop with controlling health care costs - this product decreases employee down time, increases employee morale and dedication, and increases productivity.

Heather Wood

Our great usage means a freshbenies membership more than pays for itself.*


Savings per Consult


Doctors Online
Savings per Session


Savings per Call


Prescription Discounts
Savings per Script

For a report detailing these savings numbers, click here and complete the Broker contact form.

Why should I partner with freshbenies?

We make it simple to get results. Here’s how...

9 premier providers

one invoice, one card, one app, one point of contact.

Simple Installation

2 page contract + 1 Census = DONE! It’s that easy.


40% average utilization. Groups who follow best practices hit 90+%.

3 ways to use the services!

Engage employees the way they want: card, app, portal.

Solid Commissions

There’s something in it for you, too. Contact us to learn more.

Turnkey Engagement

We email employees, so they get the most from their membership.

Who is freshbenies perfect for?

Insured / uninsured

Full-time / part-time employees

Large / small employers and Individuals

Self-funded / fully-insured groups

You have questions?

We have answers!

Why should I sell freshbenies if I already have direct contracts with suppliers?

freshbenies may be a little more expensive than each service sold separately, but most employers need all the services in a freshbenies membership. Add to that a member engagement program that works. Which brings us to the best reason: our membership gets more usage than your stand-alone program.

freshbenies bundles services that complement each other and today’s medical plans. As we say, like peanut butter and chocolate, the services are better together.

Do you pay commissions?

Yes, you’ll earn commissions as long as your client is on the books – our commission rates are among the highest in the industry. Just contact us for more info!

How do I get appointed?

Click here and we’ll send you everything you need to get started. Once we receive your paperwork, we’ll get you all set up within 48 hours.

How do members access their services?

We provide 3 ways to easily use the freshbenies services: paper materials, app and online portal. Click here to learn more on the member page.

What size employers can you handle?

Our sweet spot is groups of 100 – 3,000 employees. We can serve larger and…

  • …employer-paid: as low as 5 participants
  • …voluntary: 10+ participants required
  • …micro-groups and Individual: purchase at with your affiliate link

Click here to discover more FAQs!