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Jan 05,2023

A new benefits year has begun. Benefit consultants worked hard and employers are spending thousands to provide great packages for their teams.

Still, employees often dread navigating benefits, insurance and our complicated healthcare system. freshbenies has your back (and theirs). That's why we're sharing...

Oct 05,2022

Brokers are doing more than ever before to serve and keep clients, right? Increased service needs, demands for better pricing and staying ahead of the competition are real factors - we get it. That's why we developed the freshbenies Quick Kit and here's 3 reasons to put it to work for you and your team...

1. Simple

The freshbenies Quick Kit equips brokers with easy sales tools to share:

Jun 02,2022

The 18th annual BenefitsPRO BrokerExpo in Austin did not disappoint! From gaining industry insight to building deeper connections, there’s always fresh energy to take home to your business. 

Today I'm sharing three stand-out themes from top brokers…

May 17,2022

How many times do you direct your clients to GoodRx or other discount programs? Wouldn't it be better to drive them to a benefit the employer is providing – and you’re already promoting during open enrollment?

That's why we've just boosted every freshbenies membership with more powerful prescription savings.

Here's 3 ways this upgrade empowers employees...


freshbenies Prescription Savings is now packed with multiple PBMs.

Apr 09,2022

When it comes to mental health in America, needs are skyrocketing. As a benefits consultant, you know unmet mental health issues multiply costs that hit the medical plan.
FACTS: Over 60% of US counties have NO psychiatrists. Medical costs for those with mental illness are 2-3 times higher.

Why Behavioral Telehealth?

Behavioral Telehealth offers convenient, discreet visits with mental health professionals that…

Jan 27,2022

We're a few weeks into the new year. Now's a great time to reflect on your renewal season. Was it simpler than ever this year? Or was it more painful?
Changes to carriers, plan designs or both are commonplace. Each drives questions for you and your team - who are already working harder to service clients than ever before.

Here's ONE strategy: Install Advocacy

Cut healthcare confusion for employees and lighten the load for your internal team with Advocacy. Here's 3 impacts.

Dec 17,2021

Soon, 2021 will be a wrap!

We know you and your team are doing more for your clients than ever before - that’s why freshbenies has your back. Today we're sharing a fast recap of the top updates from 2021... 

Dec 06,2021

Utilization and engagement are HUGE when it comes to employees and their benefits. That’s why freshbenies is committed to driving utilization with a smooth, streamlined tech experience - for employers and their employees. 

It's also why we offer an employer-branded experience for your clients in their freshbenies tech. Check out the quick deets below...


Employees see your client’s name and logo in their freshbenies app and portal.  Here's a sample...


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