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Who benefits most from the work you do? Think about that question for a few minutes and let it really sink in. Because not everyone will get high benefit from the work you do best. And you aren’t the best at everything. So, we need to find a match between what we do best and those who need the things we do.


How do you introduce new services to your clients? 

Your client is never eager to hear about another product. They don't want to take time to hear about another product. And they don't have money for another product. Stop taking them products.

BUT, your client always has time, interest and money to solve their problems. So, don't shy away from talking about client problems. Even when the problems have to do with their benefit programs.


What are your expectations as you head to an industry convention? I didn’t plan to take a spontaneous swim while fully clothed, BUT my excitement over this year’s event matches the first NAHU convention I attended in 2010 in Chicago. I always anticipate the camaraderie, the knowledge, and the fresh momentum to bring back to my home state. 

This year was no different! Below are my 8 takeaways from NAHU 2017 in Orlando...


How long have you been in the insurance industry? Whether it’s 5 or 25 years, you’ve had opportunity to see a lot of change. Premium and out of pocket costs are skyrocketing.


How are you painting a valid vision of the future for your clients? As a consultant, you know the industry trends well. You probably also know the challenge of equipping employers and educating employees with much-needed consumerism help in today’s market.


One of the big Republican ideas that’s notably missing from the American Health Care Act is the proposal to allow for the sale of insurance across state lines. This is an idea that President Trump REALLY likes. So does Speaker Paul Ryan. And Senator Ted Cruz. And HHS Secretary Tom Price. I could go on.


Did you read my recent sister article to this one? Not surprisingly, it’s called 6 Tips to Rock Your Social Media Strategy – Part 1


How do you gauge success of the benefit plans you sell to your groups? Maybe it’s staying within your client’s budget, keeping coverage for spouses and families, and ticking off boxes of the “must-haves.” 


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