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How are you painting a valid vision of the future for your clients? As a consultant, you know the industry trends well. You probably also know the challenge of equipping employers and educating employees with much-needed consumerism help in today’s market.


One of the big Republican ideas that’s notably missing from the American Health Care Act is the proposal to allow for the sale of insurance across state lines. This is an idea that President Trump REALLY likes. So does Speaker Paul Ryan. And Senator Ted Cruz. And HHS Secretary Tom Price. I could go on.


Did you read my recent sister article to this one? Not surprisingly, it’s called 6 Tips to Rock Your Social Media Strategy – Part 1


How do you gauge success of the benefit plans you sell to your groups? Maybe it’s staying within your client’s budget, keeping coverage for spouses and families, and ticking off boxes of the “must-haves.” 


Can we all agree that Telehealth is here to stay? The service has gained immense popularity as an employee benefit. As a result, millions of Americans now enjoy reduced out-of-pocket costs and more convenient access to care. 


What’s the #1 reason an employer makes the decision to stop offering freshbenies? First, let me say this doesn’t happen often. But, when it does, we like to ask why they’ve made the decision to leave us. Almost always the answer is that their employees aren’t using the benefits, but they quickly follow up by taking the blame and saying that they didn’t do a good job of promoting the services. 


Do you believe the saying, “It’s better to give than receive?” It’s a great thing for a parent to tell a selfish kid. Personally, I like both! 


When I was in college, a friend called me with all the enthusiasm of a new convert gushing about an amazing book he read from an author named Napoleon Hill. The book was called “Think and Grow Rich.” It was the start of my love affair with business reading.


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