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A new benefits year has begun. Benefit consultants worked hard and employers are spending thousands to provide great packages for their teams.

Still, employees often dread navigating benefits, insurance and our complicated healthcare system. freshbenies has your back (and theirs). That's why we're sharing...


As a strategic benefits advisor, you help companies find creative solutions to take care of employees and their families. In today’s market, every business owner needs YOU. And you know that one size does NOT fit all! 

Large groups have different needs and they demand different tools and pricing, so we developed customized packages for groups of 200+ to meet those needs. 

I’m sharing 5 ways freshbenies can deliver real results to your groups of 200+…


Brokers are smart and they have a lot to say. My favorite comedian inspired me to capture broker insights in a fun way to share with you. With that, we created Brokers In Cars Getting Coffee. Sometimes we’re in cars. Most of the time there’ll be coffee. But we always have great insights about the employee benefits industry!


Just how high do pets rank in family status? When asked who they’d bring to a desert island, more people answered, “my cat” or “my dog” than “my husband” or “my wife.” Additionally, 55% of pet owners are purchasing birthday presents and 37% are cooking food for their fur babies. We’re CRAZY for our pets.

Today, I’m sharing 3 reasons why pet benefits are a smart move for employers and their employees.


One more week and this decade is “in the books!” Important things like memes have gotten better, but what about healthcare? From the 2010 signing of the Affordable Care Act to chants of “Repeal and Replace” to #MedicareForAll – healthcare reform continues to be a hot button. 


Do you hesitate introducing a new benefit to your HR Director clients because you see they already work with so many vendors? It's wise to evaluate the impact implementing new benefits has on your clients - and to pick partners who make that implementation and ongoing service smooth.

With that in mind, we're sharing 4 ways freshbenies makes life easier for HR clients…


Do you ever find yourself standing at a doorway, pushing hard and getting nowhere? And then realize it’s a PULL door? Yeah. Been there. 

Do you dread renewal planning meetings with the constant rate increases and resulting reduction in benefits? Even in today’s price-sensitive market, you can change the story. One common employer complaint is, “We need to get our employees to think differently about their healthcare. How can we get people to be more engaged and empowered?” 


Let’s face it: change is now the normal state of business today. Despite the presence of change all around us, change within an organization doesn't come easy.  In fact, many of us fail to make changes that are necessary for our business, and we often blame it on employee resistance. At times, this is true. More often, we overestimate how difficult it is to lead and implement change effectively.


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