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Your Ultimate Guide:
Employee Benefits Consumerism Tools

Discover how you can give your clients
and their employees new ways to control
healthcare – and be sure they get used!

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With over 10 years in the industry – and having worked with Telehealth and Advocacy since their infancy – we’ve pulled together this guide for YOU to share our best tips, ideas and resources.

I promise, we know how to get people to use new healthcare tools – the proof is in our market-leading utilization.

freshbenies has been honored by the Validation Institute with Health Value Awards as one of the top cost containment tools in the country.

Dig into this guide to control healthcare with consumerism tools, and reach out to have strategic conversations with us about specific needs.

WHYare consumerism tools needed?


WHO can consumerism tools help?


HOW do consumerism tools help?


HOW do I win with Telehealth?


WHY is Advocacy important?


WHY are Savings Networks important?


HOW do I drive maximum engagement and utilization?


WHAT benefit designs and selling strategies work best?



Why are consumerism tools needed?

When it comes to benefits, what’s the top thing employees expect and need for their families? Healthcare – without question.

Employers are paying more for health insurance plans with less value. Still, their employees pay more in out of pocket costs than ever before. Providing simple tools to better control and navigate healthcare – making any existing health insurance plan better – is the most urgent need in benefits packages today.


Who can consumerism tools help?

The short answer: everyone! These tools contain costs and give more control to…

ALL employers – self-funded, fully insured or uninsured
ALL employees – full-timers, part-timers, non-benefits eligible, contractors
Dependents – even if they’re not included in the medical plan


How do consumerism tools help?

Practical, easy-to-use tools help families save hundreds to thousands on healthcare –while teaching better consumer habits. PLUS, employers reduce unnecessary medical claims which delivers bottom-line savings to one of the largest expense lines on their budget.


How do I win with Telehealth?

Though 80% of medical plans include a form of Telehealth, it’s not being used because these programs are NOT created equal (for example, some have a $45 fee while others are no-cost). The resources below will help you judge which Telehealth option is your best solution.


Telehealth is no longer limited to common medical issues. Behavioral health, dermatology and other services can also be delivered virtually.


Why is Advocacy important?

In our complex healthcare system, getting clear information to make smart healthcare decisions is frustrating and time consuming. The average employee doesn’t realize they have options...

  • their same MRI could be $2,000 less across town

  • their in-network doctor might do procedures at an out-of-network hospital

  • their Rx might have a less expensive, comparable alternative or a thriftier purchase option

A dedicated Health Pro helps employees escape the hassles of healthcare with guidance they can trust. PLUS, this service saves bottom-line claims.


Why are Savings Networks important?

Today’s health insurance plans leave employees to pay full retail for limited coverage and non-covered needs. And what about unbenefited employees? Current benefit plans exclude this population – and dependents – altogether.

Savings networks help all families keep more cash in their pockets while meeting their prescription, dental, vision, chiropractic needs and much more.


How do I drive maximum engagement and utilization?

Consumerism tools are useless if they don’t get used. That’s because every use drives shared savings – employees pay less out of pocket, and employers see reduced claims and bottom-line savings. The key: selecting solutions that deliver high usage is vital to achieving ROI.

Do you need a proven benefits industry speaker
for your next workshop, conference or event?

At freshbenies, we have multiple keynote-caliber speakers with expertise
on a variety of topics, including but not limited to the following…

  • telehealth, advocacy & other consumerism tools
  • the future of American healthcare
  • marketing strategy and tactics 
  • tech: artificial intelligence and machine learning

Click here for a sample webinar presentation with Reid Rasmussen on 3 Myths of #MedicareForAll. 

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