freshbenies takes the headache out of...

shrinking networks

out-of-pocket costs

employee EOBs

increasing medical costs

rising employee contributions

the doctor shortage

empowering consumerism

access to specialists

workplace germ sharing

shrinking benefit plans

installing multiple vendors

Medical rates are skyrocketing.

Employers need strategies. Employees need help.

Several employees told me unsolicited, “This is the grandest benefit we’ve had!” They love being able to call a doctor and avoid co-pays for simple issues. It’s a positive ROI!

Susan Traner - Hutton Communications

We wanted to save employees money and a lot of headache. Now every other week someone has great feedback, and we're saving many times more than what this costs us!

Calli Corley, Director of Human Resources - The Delta Companies

Our company just added freshbenies and since we went live, our employees are RAVING about how easy it is - and better yet, how much money and time it has already saved them! We are finding the addition of this tool is encouraging our employees to choose our HDHP. Being self-insured, we look forward to a reduced number of claims being processed through our health plan provider, which may ultimately reduce our rates!

Jeanne Richard, Human Resources Specialist - Central Counties Services

How does freshbenies help?

Offset skyrocketing healthcare costs with telehealth, doctors online, advocacy, discounts & more…
all in one easy-to-use card!

These 4 services provide access to care & support that saves hard cash (for employers & their employees).


Give your employees 24/7 access to family doctors by phone or video, at no additional charge. We partner with the nation’s first and largest telehealth company.

Doctors Online

Employees get fast answers at no cost from specialists via email or app: physicians, psychologists, dentists, dietitians, fitness trainers, and more.


Healthcare is frustrating. Medical pricing and bills are confusing. Employees need someone to help. We partner with the largest U.S. independent advocacy company.

Prescription Savings

Fewer medications are covered & Rx costs are skyrocketing. Give employees a high-quality independent network with 10 to 85% off to save out-of-pocket costs.

Choose any of these add-ons. Each is available as employer-paid, buy-up* or voluntary — and we deliver them all in one card, on one invoice!


Your employees only have one identity. Protect them with the best. Reduce their risk and your liability. Individual: employees can add family members later ($9.99 per). Family: best value for 3+. Mix and match as needed.

Legal Savings

Legal concerns reduce productivity and increase stress which drive up healthcare costs. Give your employees access to free and discounted legal care from the country’s largest network in all 50 states.

Pet Care Savings

60% of your employees have a pet and spend an average $2,000/year. Give your employees access to discounts on vet services, boarding, training, pet-sitting, grooming, pet food, medications, vitamins and more.

Dental + Vision Savings

High-quality networks help employees save on dental and vision out-of-pocket costs (whether they have insurance or not) at thousands of providers nationwide.

Our great usage means a freshbenies card more than pays for itself.*


Savings per Consult


Doctors Online
Savings per Session


Savings per Call


Prescription Discounts
Savings per Script

For a report detailing these savings numbers, click here and complete the Employer contact form.

Why should I provide freshbenies?

We make it simple to get results. Here’s how...

9 premier providers

one invoice, one card, one app, one point of contact.

Simple Installation

2 page contract + 1 Census = DONE! It’s that easy.


40% average utilization. Groups who follow best practices hit 90+%.

3 ways to use the services!

Engage employees the way they want: card, app, portal.

Reduce HR Time

Empower consumerism and save your HR team from being the resident ‘advocate’

Turnkey Engagement

We email employees, so they get the most from their card.

Who is freshbenies perfect for?

Insured / uninsured

Full-time / part-time employees

Large / small employers and Individuals

Self-funded / fully-insured groups

You have questions?

We have answers!

Why should I buy freshbenies if my medical plan includes telehealth?

Just having access to telehealth doesn’t mean your employees will use it. The typical medical carrier version charges your employee a consult fee. As a result, an average carrier’s telehealth plan gets 2% usage - freshbenies gets 39% usage. Add to that the additional savings from Doctors Online, Advocacy, Prescription Savings, and more - there’s a clear picture of value for many employers. Also, when you change your medical plan in the next few years, your employees will have to rebuild their medical history profile for the next carrier’s telehealth program - freshbenies is carrier-agnostic and continues no matter how your group health plan changes.

How do members access their services?

We provide 3 ways to easily use the freshbenies services: paper materials, app and online portal. Click here to learn more on our member page.

How do we upgrade to the 2.0 services?

Just contact your broker or helpme@freshbenies.com and we can get you moved over.

What’s included in the member intro packet?

Each employee receives 2 high-quality freshbenies cards and a simple Info Booklet. These materials give all the information members need to access the app and member portal so they can use their services. We also include all contact information if they have questions.

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