freshbenies takes the headache out of...


confusing medical bills

expensive prescriptions

2 am stomach viruses

data breaches

speeding tickets

vet bills

allergy season

root canals

blurry vision



email a doctor
email a doctor. It’s 2am, your child has a stomach virus and fever. Do you wake the whole family for an ER visit?
email a doctor. You are prescribed an MRI for “cautionary” measure. Where do you go and how much will it cost?
email a doctor .You just learned your son needs braces. How much will that cost you?
It’s time for a will. What’s the cost and who should you use?
Your doctor said not to worry about a strange mole, but you are. What should you do?
You get an EOB in your child’s name for a medical procedure she didn’t have. Is it identity theft?
Your Rx is no longer covered by insurance. Is there a way to save?


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These 4 services provide access to care & support that saves hard cash.

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Look to the industry leader with the most comprehensive identity theft protection available

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per individual, per month
per family, per month

Legal Savings

Free and discounted legal services through a national network of attorneys

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per family, per month

Pet Care Savings

Save 10-35% on pet care products and services at thousands of providers nationwide

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per family, per month

Dental + Vision Savings

Save on your family’s dental and vision needs at providers nationwide, whether you have insurance or not

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per family, per month
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Here’s what members say!

I had a lingering sore throat/cough/ear infection and my primary care doctor was on vacation with no back up. I called Teladoc and within an hour had a prescription.

Cynthia from TX

I had a horribly painful toothache. I went to to find a dentist in my area that took the card. At the end of the visit, they told me the normal price would be $350, but with my card it was only $124.

David from TX

I didn't know I had hired a ‘bad tax guy’ until the IRS contacted me 2 years later telling me I owed money! I wanted a refund of my tax preparation fees from him. The lawyer (from legal services) wrote a letter AT NO CHARGE TO ME and I immediately received a response and a full refund from ‘bad tax guy’.

John from TX

I had a procedure and received a $1,500 bill months later that I knew wasn’t correct. I called Medical Bill Saver and gave them the necessary info. They called me back a week later to let me know the matter was solved and I didn’t owe ANYTHING!

Lynn from GA

My dental insurance only covers cleaning. I called the Aetna Dental Access number and was able to find an awesome dentist in my area. Also, I saved 41% on my dental care!

Hazel from TX

In May, my husband hurt his ankle playing basketball with our boys. I called Health Advisor for pricing at MRI facilities within 20 miles of our residence. It turned out that the hospital would charge $1200+ for the MRI while a free-standing MRI facility was about $300!

Sarah from OH

I’m a photographer and I own my business. I don’t have time to get sick! My family has used the 24/7 call a doctor service in freshbenies multiple times and it’s a lifesaver.

Fred from TX

You have questions?

We have answers!

Do I need a membership for everyone in my family?

No, one freshbenies membership includes all your IRS dependents (and all your pets, if you’re adding Pet Care Savings). You can order additional membership cards for $2 each, but it’s not necessary. All your dependents can download the freshbenies app or log in to the Member Portal.

Can I start using the services immediately?

Unfortunately, no. We need time to get your membership set up with our partner companies before you can start using the services. As soon as you become a member, your member packet goes into the mail and takes 7-10 business days to get to you. Once you get that, you'll have full access to the benies!

How does this work with my health insurance?

freshbenies is a HUGE help for those with great insurance, some insurance or no insurance! For instance, you can't always get your primary care physician on the phone in 10 minutes at 2am to answer a question, get peace of mind or a much-needed medication. With freshbenies, you can call a doctor 24/7 and get a prescription written (no consult fee), if needed! Or, you can email a specialist and get personalized answers to your medical questions within a few hours. Even with insurance, you need help navigating "the system", finding high-quality lower-cost options for care, and organizing or negotiating medical bills. Even with insurance, you can use dental, vision and prescription discounts throughout the year on things that are expensive or not covered by your insurance.

What if I’m not satisfied with the freshbenies membership?

No problem...there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time beyond that. Just call the number on the back of your card - we’re not about roping you into something you don’t love!

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