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This is a guest post from Sarah at We Dream of Coffee.

Looking for something healthy to help with anti-aging? Or maybe something to give your body a dose of antioxidants? 

Good news! It’s probably already it sitting in your kitchen. It’s that wonderful hot cup of coffee. Not only does it please the senses, it also affects your body in positive ways! 


What’s your Facebook feed look like this week? Mine’s exploded with all the back-to-school pictures of Suzie and Billy walking into those hallowed halls of the local schools. I love those pictures! But, what they don’t show is the millions of germs about to go back to school with all those kiddos. It won’t be long until we hear about the first round of strep, stomach bug and flu “coming soon to a household near you.”


This is a guest post by Dr. Val Jones who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, occurring in over two million people each year. Three of the most common types of skin cancer are squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. We’ll look at how these common forms of skin cancer are treated and learn how to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. 


When’s the last time you thought about preparing your will? Did you actually have it done, or did you think about it and then decide to put it off?  


This is a guest post by Dr. Val Jones who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.

Almost everyone has had (or knows someone who has) bad breath. Termed "halitosis" in medical jargon, bad breath has a number of identifiable and often correctable causes. Unfortunately, the flavored gums, mints, and mouthwashes available in the local pharmacy provide only temporary improvement and do not generally address the underlying cause. Let's look at some of these causes and possible solutions.


Telehealth has made huge strides in popularity over the last few years, but do you ever wonder if it's safe? I’ve been using it for about 8 years and have heard success stories from hundreds of people who use it. Still, there are those who haven’t used it and ask me the same common questions.


This is a guest post by Dr. Val Jones who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.
In medical school I learned the first rule of surgery: "Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and don't mess with the pancreas." 


Do you consider yourself a savvy healthcare consumer? I do, but a couple of summers ago, I made some mistakes that cost me $905 – and it could’ve been much worse! Here’s my story and hopefully it will help you, too. 

It was time for my annual mammogram and my doctor thought it would be good for me to have one additional diagnostic test based on some issues I was having (I’ll spare you the details – you’re welcome!).

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