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Have you ever watched an older TV show or movie and noticed how yellow the actors’ teeth are? With all the whitening products on the market these days, we’ve turned into a nation obsessed with the perfect smile. But, should we be concerned about all these whitening products? Do they really work?

To help answer these burning questions, I spoke with Dr. Chad Park, DDS of South Texas Dental who helped answer these and more!


This is a guest post by Dr. Kent W. Davidson, M.D who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica. 


This is a guest post by Dr. Kent W. Davidson, M.D who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.


Ah, the month of February! Let's've got Valentine's day, the day after Valentine’s day (otherwise known as “1/2 Off Chocolate Day”) and did you know it's also National Children’s Dental Month? Coincidence? I think NOT!

To celebrate, we thought it would be great to give some advice to help prep your kids for their next dental visit.


Did you resolve to lose weight this year? How’s it going? According to, 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. That’s the bad news. Unfortunately, I have more bad news in this article!


Are you ready for 2017? I recently read the most common resolutions have to do with saving money and being healthy. At freshbenies, we like to write simple, fun articles that help our readers save on healthcare (and more). The healthcare roller coaster had a few twists in 2016 (with more to come in the year ahead)! While we’re reminiscing on 2016, let’s take a look back at the most popular blog posts. Ready?


Last week, our team shared 5 tips for saving cash on healthcare. If you missed out, read it here.


As consumer-driven Americans, I think we know HOW to be smart consumers, but we don’t apply our normal buying rules to healthcare. And why should we, when there are so many reasons not to?  First, it’s a complicated system that most don’t fully understand. Then there’s the fact that pricing isn’t transparent. Finally, the end user (that’s you and me) isn’t paying for the service - instead “insurance is paying for it,” so why do I need to worry about the costs?


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