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Dec 27, 2016

Can you believe it? In just a few days, 2016 will be “in the books.” The healthcare industry roller coaster had a few twists throughout the year (with more to come in the year ahead)! Following tradition, we’re looking back at our most popular articles from the year gone by. Consider this our “2016 The Skimm edition.” Here we go…






1. How To Sell Health Insurance

Sound too basic? Well, you know the saying, “keep the main things the main things.” This article challenges brokers to think bigger and remember the “second sale” (to employees – employers are the “first sale”). Caught your attention, right? Click here to jump on over and read it now.

2. Four Employee Benefit Trends for 2017 

One thing is certain: changes in employee benefits are here to stay. Which trends will drive the industry in the coming year? Reid shares 4 trends to watch for 2017 and beyond. Click here to read it now.

3. Why Employers Offer Benefits

Eric pinpoints the top 3 reasons employers offer benefits and how these reasons should impact the way brokers recommend benefits. Are you considering this perspective as you help your clients reach their goals? Click here to read it now.


4. Defined Contribution

Just this month, the Cures Act legalized Defined Contribution for Individual plans. The full impact will only be seen as 2017 reveals what other changes are in store regarding the ACA. Read the highlights of the law passed on December 13. Click here to read it now. Also, check out Eric’s three health insurance predictions in a Trump administration. Click here to read it now.

5. Learning, Learning

We’re going to give you a “two-fer” here! At freshbenies, learning is a core value.  With a fresh year of conferences and expos approaching, be inspired by Jo Ann’s list of the top 10 things she learned at the 2016 Benefits Selling Expo. Click here to read it now.

BONUS! Reid reveals the 2 lessons he’s learned from Zenefits this year. This is a great reminder that we can always learn - from our own experiences and those of others. Click here to read it now.






Now it’s your turn! What articles or concepts did you find most helpful this year? Share one of your biggest learnings from 2016 – we’d love to hear it! Comment below or email us at

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Tanya Boyd
Tanya Boyd
President of Tanya Boyd & Associates

I didn’t want to go to urgent care or the ER. Using Doctors Online in my freshbenies membership, I went online to ask a doctor. The doctor responded and said to check my blood pressure. He followed up with the next day to make sure my numbers were OK. By then, the feeling was starting to go away. He told me if it persists to contact my doctor. It was great that I didn’t have to go somewhere and wait forever, and it was free.” - Kelli from Texas

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Marta from NC

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