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Aug 18, 2016

Is a visit to the dentist one of your favorite things to do? I don’t even like silverware to touch my teeth, so can you imagine what I think about dental visits?

When I was younger and got my braces off, I thought I was done needing frequent visits to the dentist. But years without regular cleanings landed me with a root canal and a crown. If only I could back up and start over. If you’re like me and tend to put off going to the dentist, there’s no better time to start than NOW!

Why should you go to the dentist twice a year? Recently I asked my favorite dentist, Dr. Tony Kozoski, DDS, FAGD, if he would share his thoughts. While the list of benefits is long, I’m sharing his top 5 below…

1. Preventive dental care uncovers issues early.

More than likely, if you are putting off dental visits, you’re not experiencing any pain. But, regular cleanings can reveal problems in their earliest stages—even before you experience symptoms. Tooth decay, small cavities and plaque build-up can be dealt with much more simply if caught sooner rather than later.

Speaking of “early”… Note to parents: by setting a positive tone about the dentist, you’ll equip your kids for a lifetime of good oral health! Click here for more tips on prepping little ones for a great dental visit. 

2. Maintaining good oral health can reduce your risk of serious health problems.

Bleeding gums, snoring and bad breath are just a few symptoms that may sound harmless, but can be a sign of serious medical conditions. Regular visits can also help detect oral cancer. The earlier the detection the quicker it can be treated. Enough said! 

3. Drive out germs and bacteria.

Did you know the mouth is the dirtiest part of our body? Ack! If allowed one thing on a deserted island, Dr. Kozoski would choose floss over a brush. Flossing is important because the toothbrush can’t reach in all our nooks and crannies. It’s not one of my favorite things to do…it’s tedious, time consuming and just yuck. But, if you can commit to just 2 days a week, that’s better than never doing it at all. From there, regular cleanings do a thorough job of removing bacteria from between teeth and around gums.


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4. Address issues caused by clenching and grinding.

Are you a teeth grinder? Headaches as well as severe damage to the teeth and gums can result from nighttime grinding or excessive clenching. With regular visits, your doctor can see signs of wear on your teeth over time. A couple of years ago, I discussed this with my dentist and he fitted me with a night guard. It has been a tooth-saver and I sleep better than ever (and I get the added bonus of looking like a prize fighter).  

5. Boost your confidence!

Last but not least, a pretty smile will improve your self-esteem and confidence. Plus, think how great you’ll feel knowing you are taking care of your teeth and your overall health with dental visits twice a year …that’s something to smile about :-)

Now, it’s your turn to tell us your story! Do you get your teeth cleaned twice a year? Why or why not? Comment below or drop me a note at


Tammy DeWet

Tammy DeWet is an essential part of the freshbenies team and is second-to-none in managing special projects. Outside of work she enjoys painting crosses, reading novels, and building her thriving Mary Kay business. 

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Tanya Boyd
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