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More detection. More protection.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Look to the most recognized brand in identity theft protection with over 5 million members. Choose from Individual and Family memberships.


LifeLock helps prevent identity fraud before the damage can be done. And if you become a victim, LifeLock knows exactly what to do.


LifeLock Identity Alert® System provides actionable alerts if LifeLock detects your Social Security number, name, address or date of birth in applications for credit and services within an extensive network*
U.S.-Based Identity Restoration Specialists will personally handle your case and help restore your identity
Lost Wallet Protection means you have a place to call for help canceling and replacing lost credit cards, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and more**
Dark Web Monitoring patrols over 10,000 black market Internet sites for the illegal buying, selling or trading of your personal information
USPS Address Change Verification notifies you if LifeLock detects a change of address associated with your personal information so you are alerted if thieves try to divert your mail
Reduced pre-approved credit card offers
Live Member Support 24/7

Based on a monthly online consumer survey (n=3,436) conducted for LifeLock by MSI International, Apr 2017 – Sept 2017.

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You have questions, we have answers!
Do I have to give all my credit card numbers to you when I sign up?

No, LifeLock does not prevent anyone from using your existing accounts. However, those accounts would be covered through the guarantee. Through the information you provide, LifeLock will alert you when anybody other than yourself tries to open new lines of credit. LifeLock suggests you place all your account numbers in a secure place if your wallet or purse is stolen. In such a case give LifeLock a call and LifeLock can help contacting the credit card companies to cancel the stolen cards and reissue new ones.

How big a problem is Identity theft?

According to the FTC, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Roughly 10 million Americans have their personal information stolen and misused in some way every year, costing consumers $5 billion and businesses $48 billion annually.

How do I access my account after enrollment?

If you need to make a change to your account, contact client services at the designated 800 number.

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