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Diabetic Supply Savings
Stay stocked with measured savings!

Never run out or pay retail prices! Save 10% to 50% on diabetic testing supplies mailed directly to your home. With the convenient online, pre-paid program, you receive discounted diabetic testing supplies shipped directly to your home.

The freshbenies Diabetic Supply Savings program can help if you or someone in your family need diabetic supplies that aren’t covered by insurance. Unlike insurance, there is no limitation on the number of times you can use your freshbenies discount for diabetic supplies.


Diabetes can be hard to manage – big savings on supplies can make life easier. You’ll never run out of supplies or wait in long lines!

FREE fully-audible blood glucose meter with your first order
No prescription required for OTC testing supplies
Annual testing supply program conveniently arrives every three months with FREE shipping
Individual testing supplies include test strips, lancets, lancing device, meter, safety lancets and control solution
100% satisfaction guaranteed - or your money back
Receive shipment tracking updates via email or text
Watch below to see the practical use and real savings from this service

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