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It’s a key time for employee benefit professionals to rethink how we approach prospecting, selling and retaining clients in a digital world. 

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the first two tips: 1) Define Your Audience, and 2) Share Valuable Content.

Without delay, let’s delve into the next 3 tips…


How are your digital prospecting and selling chops? We’re now many months into working remotely – and many employee benefits professionals are struggling to figure out how to serve clients in this environment. 

It seems we’ll be working this way well into 2021, so it’s time to rethink how we approach prospecting, selling and retaining clients – in a digital world. 


Can you SHOW your clients how much money you’ve helped them save? A couple years ago, one of our brokers shared on LinkedIn that he’d helped clients save more than $1M in just a few years with freshbenies (one of the many strategies they use with their clients). WOW – that’s real money!


This article was originally published on the Q4intelligence Crushing Mediocrity blog.

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What’s the main reason employers choose to use an employee benefits expert? It’s to help them select and offer the right benefit plan for their needs. But, there’s SO much more to becoming a trusted benefits consultant to your clients. 

What makes you stand out to current and prospective clients? As a former HR Director, I’m sharing 3 tips that will keep you in the driver’s seat as a trusted guide for your groups…

1. Actively listen

There are 2 ways to work with clients… 


Are you one of those people who LOVE mid-year reviews with your clients? You like getting to consult without it being a negotiation over every nuance of the medical plan renewal price. 

Or do you HATE mid-year reviews? You think you’re supposed to bring new ideas and you don’t know what to say this year. So, you stress about it. Or worse, you just don’t do them.


“What groups are a good fit for freshbenies?” Do you ask this question? It’s one I hear A LOT. My short answer is that just about any group is a fit for freshbenies. While true, there are more definitive ways to answer the question. 

Today, I’m sharing 3 real-life examples of very different groups and how freshbenies met specific needs. 


Are you freshbenies member?

Kelly from KS
Kelly from Kansas

It was an icy winter day, and I was feeling terrible. Having moved to the country, I weighed how bad I felt versus the risk of going out in freezing weather. Then I remembered freshbenies!


After a few questions, it was determined I had a sinus infection, and a prescription was called in to my local pharmacy. In 2 days, I was feeling so much better!


Thank you, freshbenies, for saving me money and extra travel on the icy roads!