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What should you expect from the healthcare and employee benefits industries in 2020?

I’ve read multiple articles summarizing the decade we just closed. Can you believe we’re almost to the 10-year anniversary of ACA? After combining all the reading with the 20 conferences I attended last year, and hundreds of broker conversations – this gives me a pretty good idea about what to expect in the coming year.


One more week and this decade is “in the books!” Important things like memes have gotten better, but what about healthcare? From the 2010 signing of the Affordable Care Act to chants of “Repeal and Replace” to #MedicareForAll – healthcare reform continues to be a hot button. 


“Why can’t any of this be easier?” A question I asked myself MANY times in my former position as an Area HR Director. Now, I do love a good challenge, but with so many vendors and multiple ways of doing things, along with expectations of how I could help them – it left me wondering, “Am I the one expecting too much?” My wish was for a partner who’d provide benefits and services to my team that help them, help the company and, yes, help me!

With that in mind, I’m sharing 4 ways freshbenies makes life easier for HR clients…


We just returned from the second annual HLTH Conference at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and it did not disappoint again this year (click here to read my 2018 takeaways). HLTH (pronounced “health”) is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem event for the health industry.


Can you SHOW your clients how much money you’ve helped them save? Last year, one of our brokers shared on LinkedIn that he’d helped clients save more than $1M in the past few years with freshbenies (just one of the many strategies they use with their clients). WOW – that’s real money!


Employee benefits aren’t what they used to be – or at least they aren’t limited to what they used to be. Medical, life, disability and retirement remain important, but how do employers stand out from the competition? 

Benefits help employers differentiate themselves in order to attract and retain quality employees. If that’s true, then offering the typical benefits only achieves part of the goal. 

Consider these stats…


What kind of experience do your clients have when they engage the healthcare system? Employers usually hear stories that sound something like this recent LinkedIn post….

Inefficient system

Now consider that this quote was from an educated, experienced benefits advisor…UGH! 


Do you remember when Haven Healthcare was launched? 

It was February 2018 when Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase announced a collaboration to do something about healthcare for their employees. 

I shared my initial thoughts in this article focused on transparency, tech innovation, and the decision to form their collaboration as a non-profit entity. 

So, what do we know after 18 months? I’m sharing 4 updates…


Are you freshbenies member?

Marta from NC
Marta from NC

On Christmas Eve, I woke up extremely sick. I spoke to a doctor using my freshbenies membership and he prescribed medicine right away.





I was able to enjoy the holidays with my family. I've been using the freshbenies app ever since.