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Our Story

About us

We’re about working hard for you and having fun while we do
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Who do we help?

We help our members cut through healthcare confusion and save hundreds to thousands. We partner with insurance brokers to provide a strategic solution that
makes them the hero. We help employers cut unnecessary healthcare costs and give their employees a benefit they love. AND we make it simple & fun so the benefits
really get used!  

We believe

  • 1

    ...that busy families should have access to trustworthy, real-life healthcare solutions that cut costs and confusion.

  • 2 giving back! We donate 20% of our profits to charities that make a positive impact on healthcare in the US and throughout the world.

  • 3

    ...that the members, employers and broker partners who put their trust in us deserve best-in-class service - and our entire team is focused on making sure it happens every day.

  • 4 having fun! Because, seriously, if you’re going to work this hard, you should have fun while doing it!

Who we are

Entrepreneurs. Strategists. Health Reform Advocates.
Reid Rasmussen
Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate speaker. Strategist. Innovator. Writer. 30-year healthcare veteran. Free-market health reform advocate. Coffee addict. Born a Canadian, and now a proud American!

In 2009, Reid was concerned about skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs and knew Americans would need tools to navigate their complicated benefits plans - and the complex insurance and healthcare systems. He saw tremendous value with consumerism services like advocacy, telehealth, behavioral telehealth, and savings networks. But the key was to deliver the services in an engaging way so employees would use them, thereby improving the employer’s overall benefit package, and driving a return on investment. AND freshbenies was born.

Reid is an award-winning speaker who teaches on vital healthcare topics throughout the U.S. One of his proudest moments was receiving an award from his peers for outstanding dedication to the industry: Texas Association of Health Underwriter’s Hollis Roberson Award.

Heidi Rasmussen
Co-Founder & CEO

Communicator. Brand Builder. Lover of all things “fun.” Strategic Planner. Business leader. Mentor. Customer service advocate. Movie (and popcorn) addict. Motto: Get Stuff Done.

Heidi spent 27 years with a major department store where she held management positions in marketing, buying, brand management, training. Being a “jack-of-all-trades" uniquely positioned her to start and run a successful business. She cherishes the real-life stories from freshbenies members who’ve saved on healthcare costs and confusion for their families – they compel her to do more and push forward.

No matter what the product or service, she’s learned people want brands that engage and simplify their lives. Even more, they want brands to follow through on their promises.

Tonia Degner

Strategist. Financial ninja. Idea challenger. Encourager. Loving pet mom. Asker of many questions. Industry disruptor. Process perfecter. Client experience defender. Voracious reader. West Wing addict. Every day she’s hustlin’.

Before coming to the employee benefits industry, Tonia was a leader in the retail industry for 20+ years with a focus on driving vision and growth strategies in large P&L sectors. Tonia held Director positions at Amazon where she was key to building the apparel business and creating disruptive strategies for major brands.

She joined freshbenies because of her passion to improve the healthcare experience for American families. She also loves getting to work in an entrepreneurial company (with her friends) where she can have great influence - and work toward her life goal of being a business mentor-advisor.

Meet the team!

So much talent. One goal. We’re all working to help our clients cut healthcare costs and confusion…each in our own special way!
Mandy Baker
VP of Broker Relationships
Kirstin Mahoney
Client Success Lead
Wendy Galaska
Client Success Specialist
Anel González
Client Success Specialist
Gabriel Trabert
Client Success Specialist
Tammy de Wet
Project Specialist
Janet Hilton
Senior Operations Manager
Amber Rankin
Senior Product Manager
Brandy Bartz
Senior Product Manager
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