What do members say?

“freshbenies has allowed me to balance my life as an employee but more importantly as a mom! I am able to address health issues with my children immediately. Gone are the days of sitting in a walk-in clinic for 2 hours to see a doctor. freshbenies has been there through strep throat, allergies, sinus infections, the flu and the list goes on. It is such a relief that in less than an hour I can talk with a doctor in the comfort of my home, get prescription and start feeling better! “

Heather from Texas
Heather from TX

"The freshbenies program works great. I downloaded the Teladoc app, a doc called me in 5 minutes, and I had a prescription filled in an hour."

Jarrod from TX

"My daughter was complaining about her throat last Sunday night (they tend to do that during non-business hours) and hubby was suggesting a trip to the emergency room. I decided to give telehealth a try. We got a call from the doctor and within 5 minutes we had a prescription ready for pick up right away! Needless to say, we were so glad we didn't have to spend the entire evening in the hospital waiting for the strep throat test and we avoided a bill of possibly $600 (we have high deductible plan). Thank you freshbenies!” 

Qinli from AZ

"Pink Eye decided to join us on our family vacation. Thanks to Teladoc, freshbenies’ telehealth partner, we were able to quickly send it packing its bags!!"

Michelle from GA

“Worth the monthly $12. No germy waiting rooms. Rx over the phone if needed. We {heart} freshbenies. Getting well is easy!”

Tessa from TX

"Used my Freshbenies card today – it’s awesome! I didn’t miss any work, had no fee, and she called in a prescription. BOOM!"

Stephanie from TX

freshbenies (24/7 call-a-doctor) is a great service that is very easy and convenient to use! With a busy lifestyle, it’s an awesome resource I love having. It truly feels like I have a doctor available anytime I need one no matter what is going on or where I am. 

Lauren from TX

My son was sick this weekend so on Monday while I was home with him I called his doctor to get him in. I have a high deductible health plan so my office visit was going to cost me $145, but $23 for a strep swab. Ouch. So I called Urgent Care and the visit there was going to be $180. We had not received our freshbenies id cards yet but I knew we were in the system, I reached out and called Angie to see if there was any way to get my id number in order to use my teledoc services. Angie called me right back with my number and gave me instructions on how to get registered and schedule a consult. Within an hour I was on a video conference with the doctor, and he called in a RX for my son! Saved me $180 and my son didn't have to leave to house to go see the doctor! It was awesome!

Kelsey from ID

Our family of four absolutely loves our freshbenies card! We have saved hundreds of dollars on orthodontics for our 13-year-old, used the telehealth service multiple times allowing us to avoid paying for doctor visits and strategically used the prescription savings service to determine the most cost-effective location for having our prescriptions filled. We share freshbenies with anyone who will listen! We are two self-employed parents working hard to raise our teenage sons well, so the services we receive through freshbenies are invaluable!  

Elizabeth from TX

I recently had an ER "experience" with my daughter. After several hours of waiting and then staff members coming in and out of her room, it was determined that many tests were needed to get a diagnosis. Once the visit was complete, everyone was nice and helpful, but unable to answer questions about costs, billing, and providers. Weeks later, I received a hefty statement in the mail that had me spinning to determine the what, when, how, who. Well, a quick call and my personal health advocate was able to erase my stress and answer all my questions after reviewing my information. Yeah! She was so very helpful and even followed up with a call to make sure I had received the information I needed. How nice and what a concept!

Angie from AZ

With insurance, my monthly prescription was $88, but with freshbenies it's only $48. The first time I used my freshbenies card, the pharmacist was skeptical and assured me that nothing was going to be cheaper than using my insurance. I asked her to run my freshbenies card anyway and when the total came out $40 cheaper she was so impressed she asked me how you get freshbenies!

Krystal from TX

In May, my husband hurt his ankle playing basketball with our boys. The doctor suspected his Achilles' tendon was severed and wrote a prescription for an MRI at our local hospital. We have a high deductible. So, before calling the hospital, I called the number on my freshbenies card and asked if they could get pricing for MRI facilities within 20 miles of our residence. It turned out that the hospital would charge $1200+ for the MRI while a free-standing MRI facility was about $300! Needless to say, we used the free-standing facility. What a great tool to have as we work to keep more money in our pockets!

Sarah from OH

I took all the precautions to fight Identity Theft but never once thought about my son becoming a victim until he became one. Criminals don't care if you're 2 or 102, as long as they get what they want. I have now turned to LifeLock to protect my children and only wish I would've known about LifeLock before this happened to my son.

Lisa from NC

I had a procedure in January 2013. In December 2013, I received a $1,500 bill I knew wasn't correct, but who has the time to do the research and make the calls to ensure it gets taken care of once and forever so it doesn't keep coming back? So, I called the freshbenies Medical Bill Saver. They requested the insurance info they needed from me, did all the work and called me back a week later to let me know they'd taken care of it and I didn't owe ANYTHING! WOW, what a relief that I didn't have to take my valuable time and energy to deal with it!

Lynn from GA

I'm so thankful to have freshbenies! It has saved me (and my family) thousands of dollars in dental costs! The cost of a root canal usually hurts more than the procedure, but not with my freshbenies card (even though my dental office giggles at the name!). Another time the card came in handy was with the 24/7 call a doctor service - I live in Texas & allergies run high around here. I had a major sneezing-watery eyes attack & was miserable. I called & after the doctor asked many detailed questions, he was able to call in a prescription. That saved me a lot of time & money, not to mention offering prompt relief! This benefit service continues to prove its worth! Thanks freshbenies!

Susan from TX

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I wasn't feeling very thankful. I had a dreaded ear ache. Then, I remembered my freshbenies card! Even though it was a weekend, I was able to talk to a doctor, get a prescription and relief. I love my freshbenies!!

Paula from TX

This was my first use of Teladoc. I had a bad cough for several days and none of the usual over-the-counter cough and flu medicines worked. I went online to register and request a consult. The doctor called and was very efficient and professional, quickly realized I needed antibiotics and an inhaler. 10 minutes later I had a prescription called to my pharmacy and 30 minutes after that I took my first dose of albuterol. What a great service, I will definitely use this again.

Sandra from TX

Awesome service and savings! Used the dental service for cleaning and exam and saved 25%. Cash price was $170, but I paid $128. Also, the legal service is great too. $125/hour versus $200-$300 per hour.

Martin from WA

I've been a personal and corporate fitness consultant for 37 years. Obviously, owning my own business requires that I pay attention to expenditures for my family. freshbenies has been a real blessing for us. Not only have we saved over a thousand dollars just on our dental needs, we found the BEST dentist, too. The 24/7 call a doctor service has saved us several office visit costs as well as the time and travel to go - and the service was exceptional. I can only imagine how much more we'll save when I take a few minutes to read about all of the benefits we're not yet using. Thank you freshbenies!

Roland & Cynthia from TX

My husband and I went on a short trip out of town, so my daughter was staying with her grandmother. Throughout the weekend, she was complaining of pain in her jaw. By the time we returned home late on a Sunday night, she was really in pain, her jaw was swollen and it hurt her to even touch it lightly. We live in a small town where our only option for urgent healthcare is a VERY expensive emergency room. BUT, of course I remembered my freshbenies 24/7 call a doctor. We called and received a call back within 5 minutes - our doctor was WONDERFUL! I wanted to hug him through the phone. We were able to give her symptoms and he asked multiple questions and we had a diagnosis of swollen lymph nodes in the matter of minutes. We also had a prescription called into our local pharmacy and my daughter was feeling better within a day. Thanks freshbenies!

Tanya from TX

After getting a bad eye cold from my daughter a week or so ago, I was able to call Teladoc and get eye drops called in for me within 20 minutes and didn't have to miss work for a doctor appointment. Then this past Sunday after not being able to shake it, I called Teladoc again and received a prescription for a sinus infection. My husband also got a prescription for the same thing. When I finally left to go to the pharmacy, it was closed. My husband called Teladoc again and they actually re-called in his prescription at a 24 hour pharmacy in town. He also was able to save $10 on the medication with the freshbenies prescription discount. Nice! We are all better now. Thank you freshbenies!

Lauren from TX

I wanted to share a great experience that I had with my freshbenies card. I was looking for a Dentist and an Eye doctor for myself and my daughter, so I called to see what doctors were on the freshbenies list of providers. From the first point of contact, the representative was very helpful and friendly, and within 5 min of the call I had the list of providers waiting for me in my email! Happy customer thus far and can't wait to start saving! Thank you so much!

Jill from TX

I needed an MRI and knew the prices varied wildly from location to location. I called the Personal Health Advisor and asked them to do some research in my local area. Within 20 minutes, I received an email with 3 different locations and the pricing for each. The prices varied from $450 to over $1000, so I'm really glad I called to get the info before blindly walking into the higher priced location!

Jeff from TX

I bought my card 9 days ago and already saved $145 on new glasses! So far, so awesome! Enjoyed already saving over half a year's cost on our very first use!

Kevin from TX

I picked up a freshbenies card after being laid off and losing my insurance coverage. I knew it was going to be a good move but I had no idea how good of a move it was going be until I went in to renew one of my prescriptions. The pharmacist at Walmart quoted me $185.00 for one prescription and I nearly fell down in the cold medicine aisle. But then she ran it with the freshbenies card and it came out to $99.00 - how about that? One prescription and I get an $86.00 savings! Now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go because my freshbenies card is so shiny and hot! Love you freshbenies!!!

Doug from TX