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Prescription Savings
Get your drug on (sale!)

Fewer medications are covered. Use our pricing tool to save 10 to 85% (46% average) on most prescriptions - by mail and at 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Insurance doesn’t cover what it used to – you don’t have to let the cost of medications keep you from managing your health. This service can help if you have prescription(s) that are expensive and only partially covered by your insurance, or prescriptions that aren’t covered by insurance. You can't use both, but sometimes your insurance will offer a better price, and sometimes the freshbenies discount will be lower.


With freshbenies, you have two ways to save on medications for your family.

1. Your local pharmacy

2. Mail order pharmacy

Save 10% to 85% on prescription medications without stepping foot in a pharmacy. With the convenient online, pre-paid program, Mail Order Pharmacy ships discounted prescriptions directly to your home with free standard shipping. Services include:

Auto-refill service, with prescriptions refilled every 90 days
Daily medication reminders sent by text, email, and/or phone call
Advanced savings options: Prescription Assistance Program, pill split, therapeutic equivalent

Mail Order Pharmacy Savings Examples

Drug & Dosage Retail Price Discounted Price Savings Percentage
Lipitor (Generic), 20 mg, 30 tablets $39.99 $11.90 70%
Prinvil (Generic), 10 mg, 30 tablets $23.18 $9.80 58%
Cozaar (Generic), 100 mg, 30 tablets $52.09 $10.70 73%
Zocor (Generic), 20 mg, 30 tablets $26.32 $10.10 62%


Retail Pharmacy Savings Examples

Drug & Dosage Retail Price Discounted Price Savings Percentage
Antidepressant: Escitalopram Tab, 10MG, 30 tablets $77.99 $22.19 72%
Antibiotics: Azithromycin, 250MG, 6 tablets $29.29 $11.90 59%

High blood pressure medication: Losartan Potassium, 100MG, 30 tablets

$57.06 $9.55 83%

Weight loss medication: Phentermine, 37.5 MG, 30 tablets

$26.77 $10.27 62%


Based on member savings in January 2019. Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary by region.

Payment must be made at the time of service in order to receive a discount.

Watch below to see the practical use and real savings from this service


You have questions, we have answers!
What if the pharmacy doesn't recognize the card's name?

Always make inquiries in person and be sure to bring your card with you. If the pharmacy still has questions, have them call the Pharmacist Help Desk number on the back of your membership card.

Is this a co-pay insurance card?

No. This membership is a discount card offering reduced prices. You are responsible to pay the pharmacy 100% of the discounted price.

Why didn't I get a discount at the participating pharmacy?

Many pharmacies price some prescriptions at or below cost in order to draw customers to their store. If you present your discount card and the price is higher than the pharmacy’s retail rate or sale price, you will always pay the lowest price available.

Will I always get a discount when I use my membership card?

Not necessarily. Each pharmacy determines their own retail pricing. To determine the discount pricing by location, visit

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